Analytics Engine

At the heart of the data-driven production system is a proprietary analytics engine that provides diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, allowing for a level of consistency and repeatability that, until now, was elusive in cannabis.

Digital Twin

Plant-based simulations allow us to learn about plant behaviour in the digital realm before applying that knowledge to actual plants.

Sensor Array

Automated collection of cultivation data through plant sensors found throughout each habitat.

Control Systems

Embedded systems throughout growing environments allow us to fine-tune micro-climates for optimal cultivation.


Automated collection and storage of verified documentation, including licensing, seed tags, and certificates of analysis, made available to partners and customers for an unparallel level of supply-chain transparency.


The inLite proprietary hybrid-ledger software aggregates production data, secures information, and makes data readily available, ensuring the trustworthiness and integrity of all production records.