Woody Nelson Announces Partnership with High Fidelity Solventless to Produce Ultra-Premium Concentrates

Partnership will bring HiFi cannabis concentrates to retail markets in late 2022

NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA, SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 – Woody Nelson, cultivators of precision- grown craft cannabis and producers of ultra-premium cannabis products, is pleased to announce it has entered a partnership with High Fidelity Solventless, a highly sought-after concentrates brand, to manufacture and distribute its range of solventless cannabis extracts.

Branded HiFi, the product line-up will include live rosins, diamond and terp sauces and cater to the concentrate aficionados. HiFi will be the high-potency cornerstone in Woody Nelson’s retail brand portfolio, which includes the bestselling CBD brand, LoFi, and Woody Nelson premium craft flower.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with High Fidelity, whose expertise in solventless products is unparalleled,” said Walker Patton, head of Corporate Development at Woody Nelson. “With our shared passion for developing ground-breaking products, we look forward to delivering High Fidelity’s unmatched quality and product innovation to the Canadian retail market.”

High Fidelity is widely acclaimed for its unique solventless products, using advanced mechanical separation techniques to maintain the integrity of cannabinoids and terpenes. Co-founder Caitlin McIlhone, an authority in solventless extraction, is recognized for her innovations in techniques, equipment, and technology.

“We feel incredibly privileged to bring our experience in the cannabis sector to Woody Nelson and look forward to producing safe, pure, and true-to-nature concentrates for the Canadian retail market,” said High Fidelity’s Caitlin McIlhone. “Within the global cannabis community, Nelson has an exceptional reputation. We are excited to collaborate with Nelson’s very first LP, who shares our passion for quality, innovation, and advancing the potential of cannabis through R&D.”

Solventless concentrates are among the fastest growing product types in US cannabis markets, and similar growth opportunities exist within Canadian markets. Unlike hydrocarbon concentrates, the solventless extract category has maintained stable retail prices and posted durable growth. Analysts predict the industry will continue to move in favour of solventless extraction due to its safer manufacturing process and popularity among customers seeking “clean” products made without synthetic chemicals.


About Woody Nelson
Woody Nelson’s mission is to create the world’s most delightful cannabis. Rooted in BC’s prestige cannabis region, fueled by old-school expertise, and powered by next-generation technology, Woody Nelson cultivates precision-grown craft cannabis by harnessing the power of nature, aided by technology. From the heart of the Kootenays, Woody Nelson is committed to delivering legendary Nelson quality through its exclusive selection of ultra-premium cannabis products.

About High Fidelity
High Fidelity is a team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts united by our love for the craft. With decades of experience in cannabis cultivation and extraction, High Fidelity is proud to advance the concentrate sector by leading with genetics, equipment, and technology – and always staying true to the flower. Our signature pressed with finesse concentrate products are created by deconstructing and reproducing the true essence of our cultivars in their purest forms.

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