Woody Nelson Receives Health Canada Cultivation and Processing Licences

Woody Nelson is Nelson BC’s first Licensed Producer (LP)

NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA, JULY 20, 2022 – Woody Nelson is pleased to announce that its flagship cannabis production facility in Nelson, BC, has received licences for Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, and Medical Sales from Health Canada pursuant to the Cannabis Act along with a CRA cannabis licence under the Excise Act. With these licences, Woody Nelson is permitted unrestricted cannabis cultivation, retail and medical sales of cannabis flower and pre-roll joints, and in-house production of cannabis extract and topical products.

“As Nelson’s first LP, we take pride in delivering on the region’s outstanding reputation for cannabis to recreational and medical markets,” said Walker Patton, Corporate Development at Woody Nelson. “We look forward to launching our Woody Nelson brand of super-premium flower and pre-rolls later this year, in addition to producing HiFi branded concentrates and our bestselling LoFi branded CBD product line.”

Woody Nelson’s facility features proprietary environmental control and building management technologies. With environmental habitats capable of replicating any natural growing climate with a high degree of precision in less than 60 seconds, the Woody Nelson facility can create and maintain the optimal growing environment specific to any cultivar.

“Using cannabis as a proving ground, our objective is to utilize our next-generation facility as an ag-tech innovation space. said Frank Marcus, Chief Operating Officer at Woody Nelson. “Not only are we passionate about growing great cannabis, but we also recognize the broader need for this type of technology in advancing the capabilities of future-ready, climate-resilient agricultural production.”

Woody Nelson’s 30,000 ft2 facility was built out for maximum efficiency. Its cultivation areas utilize vertical farming, high-performance lighting, custom HVAC and proprietary environmental controls, uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture and is powered by 100% sustainable energy.

Woody Nelson’s pharmaceutical-grade processing facility is built to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and is obtaining GMP certification and is designed to serve as a processing, go- to-market cannabis hub for the region.


About Woody Nelson
Woody Nelson’s mission is to create the world’s most delightful cannabis. Rooted in BC’s prestige cannabis region, fueled by old-school expertise, and powered by next-generation technology, Woody Nelson cultivates precision-grown craft cannabis by harnessing the power of nature, aided by technology. From the heart of the Kootenays, Woody Nelson is committed to delivering legendary Nelson quality through its exclusive selection of ultra-premium cannabis products.

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