Green Light Solutions


A Technology Driven Cannabis Company Delivering Premium Products from the Heart of the Kootenays

Green Light Solutions (GLS) is an innovation firm committed to driving excellence into the Cannabis sector through an agile, tech-forward business model. With interests spanning the sector, we aim to solve the industry's most pressing problems through a solutions-focused approach, emphasizing smart procurement, LEAN manufacturing, and proprietary technology.

We build technology, develop quality management programs, and continually work to improve processes — to help our community and industry partners thrive in the Cannabis space.

We operate in agile and adaptive teams with the desire to create high-impact changes throughout three key areas of the Cannabis industry: robust quality assurance, smart supply chains, and innovative approaches to sales and fulfillment.

Kootenay™  Cannabis, a GLS Company, redefines the status quo of premium Cannabis by pairing generational knowledge from the industry's top growers, with insights from our AI-driven production platform. By fusing proven organic cultivation techniques with economical internet-of-things (IoT) production technology, we are developing the next generation of B.C. Bud of whose quality is as verifiable as to its origin.

As a transparency, collaboration, and smart-contract platform, inLite™ brings cultivation expertise and AI together to help drive better business decisions.

Committed to driving a Digital-First strategy, our objective is to open the Cannabis industry to Digital Transformation by enabling producers of all sizes to become better growers through the application of data-driven analytics.

The next generation of Cannabis will be integrated, instrumented, optimized, and transparent – we call this the Digital Grow.







Simplify Sourcing and Reduce Friction in the Hemp Procurement Process

  • Proven Sales Record: Green Light Hemp supplies large Canadian LPs with significant volumes of extraction-ready, high-CBD industrial hemp.
  • Differentiated Quality: All high-CBD, extraction-ready hemp biomass product, whether it is grown in-house or sourced, is subject to industry-leading QA.
  • Agile and Adaptive: Ready to accommodate a variety of services throughout the supply chain with our multi-purpose facility, versatile team, and domain expertise.
  • Process Oriented Technology: All Green Light Hemp products include; modified atmospheric packaging, are subject to our proprietary QMS and Smart SOPs, and feature aggregate production data and advanced tracking features from our  inLite™ platform.


Kootenay â,,ïïï½Â½Â½ Cannabis Co.

Weed with a Backstory

  • Kootenay Legends: Specializing in cultivating legacy genetics grown in in custom organic soil blends, resulting in high-quality, balanced products that reflect the regional prestige.
  • Grown by the best: Kootenay™ products are produced by the region's legendary growers to meet the area's high standards.
  • Trusted Quality: Kootenay™ utilizes the inLite™ production analytics platform to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards while enabling lower costs and product transparency to consumers.


inLiteâ,,ïïïïï½Â½Â½Â½Â½ Technologies Corp.

The Industry's First Digitally-Secure, AI-Driven Production Ecosystem and Smart Supply Chain Platform

  • Insightful: Optimization of production activities through advanced machine learning.
  • Agile: Enhancement of organizational agility through insightful analytics of production and supply chain ecosystems.
  • Enable: Sales pipeline visibility through materials lifecycle analytics.
  • Trusted: Delivery of enhanced customer experience through instantaneous access to item-level, brand-defined data on any inLite™ enabled product.
  • Secure: Strengthening resiliency in supply networks through cryptographically validated procurement processes.


Driven by a commitment to excellence, the GLS team has a proven ability to scale and grow companies across multiple sectors. With veteran technology executives, our team has proven success in developing purpose-built solutions for mission-critical, high-compliance environments. Overseen by a founder of one of Canada's first highly-respected LPs, the GLS Production team has vast experience in regulated Cannabis production, with a shared passion for cultivating excellence. Through a diverse leadership team, we at GLS innovate at the intersection of extensive domain expertise and industry experience.